Axil Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster, café and wholesaler that was born and raised in Hawthorn. It is the collective vision of an experienced group of coffee roasters and baristas founded by husband and wife team Dave Makin and Zoe Delany. The Axil team brings years of hospitality experience from barista competitions, coffee roasting and café ownership. Our Hawthorn roastery and café was established as a platform to share their collective passion for coffee and food.

Our aim has always been simple; to source, roast and produce the best cup of coffee. We have a passionate and enthusiastic team who travel the globe to find the best specialty coffee available. We are continuously building relationships with coffee producers to ensure we are getting the highest quality. Working closely with our producers allows us to not only showcase their great coffee but also the commitment and hard work that’s put in year after year.


To label the coffee Direct trade it must meet the following criteria;

  • Communication: We have travelled to the farm within this harvest and negotiated a direct price with the coffee producer.
  • Price: We guarantee to pay 25% more than the current fair trade price to ensure a stronger and more sustainable relationship with the producer.
  • Quality: Our green bean coffee buying team visit the farms, and assess and score every coffee before we commit to the purchase.
  • Sustainability: The producers and farms we visit are committed to maintaining strong environmental and socially responsible practices.