At Axil Coffee Roasters we are all about quality coffee, from sourcing and roasting our own beans, to preparing delicious espresso and filter coffee. We have a strong team of baristas who are always pushing to learn more about coffees from all around the world. We believe that the key to being a coffee professional is to never stop learning. Our training courses are relevant whether you work in the hospitality industry or you want to make coffee at home like a pro

Espresso standards

There are some fundamental techniques required in order to prepare a great cup of espresso coffee. In this interactive course you will learn how to dose and tamp correctly, extract quality espresso, texture milk properly and grind adjusments.

  • Duration: 2.5 hrs
  • Cost: $150
  • *Maximum 6 per class


Latte art:

We all want our coffee to look amazing. Great latte art will not only capture the eyes of coffee enthusiasts, but also any coffee drinker. In this course the focus will be ‘free pour’ latte art, think hearts, rosettas and tulips. You will learn the fundamentals behind what it takes to pour beautiful coffee and the great skills it requires to build upon.

  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Cost: $150
  • *Maximum 4 per class

Advanced barista:

This course aims at extending your knowledge and skill level to a point that sets you apart from other baristas. You will learn manual dosing, grind distribution and explore several factors that affect espresso extraction. You will work with different coffees and also develop a greater understanding of the espresso machine and coffee grinder features.

  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Cost: $250
  • *Maximum 4 per class


Brew Class:

If you don’t own an espresso machine and want to make great coffee at home then this course is for you. We will explain the principles of filter coffee and focus on two various brew methods such as Clever Coffee Dripper and Pour Over. Our team will demonstrate along with your participation how to get the best possible cup of coffee.

  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Cost: $90
  • *Maximum 6 per class

Farm to cup:

Want to know where our green beans come from, participate in a cupping and get and incite to roasting? Then this class is definitely for you. One of our Head Roasters will take you through this is and help you understand what sort of work goes into producing and sourcing the great coffee we roast.

  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Cost: $40
  • *Maximum 15 per class