If you know Melbourne, you are aware that we take our coffee very, very seriously.
If you really know Melbourne, you would know that each year ASCA hold the Southern Region Coffee Championships.
Yes, this is a thing and this year we have three of our own competing in various competitions.

Barista Competition

Anthony has been involved in the coffee industry for 12 years.The defending champion will be competing in the Barista Competition where he will be presenting an espresso, a milk-based coffee and lastly his on innovative coffee concoction.

“Our boss Dave Makin had a history in competition — he’s a two-time Australian champion. He started Axil with that reputation behind him and he’s been very supportive. He’s probably been my biggest mentor”


Latte Art Competition

Darcy has worked at Axil Coffee Roasters for 3 and a half years now. Darcy is the manager and head barista at our Melbourne University cafe.

“I’ve always had an eye on the latte art competitions and competed in every smackdown I heard about. This just feels like the next step!”

Darcy is known to create seahorses, unicorns and monkeys swinging from trees all from frothed milk.




Brewers Cup Competition

Taku started working at Axil in 2019 as a barista. He is know the head barista at Melbourne Central, one of our busiest locations. After waiting two years, Taku is more than ready to give it all he’s got.

“I want to showcase myself and great coffee for everyone. Every coffee has character and potential and I want to maximise their great flavours “

We wish nothing but the best of luck to our team!