Rhino Digital Thermometer


Measure the temperature of your hot beverages quickly and accurately with the Rhino Digital Thermometer. Easy to use. Just remove the clip to use the thermometer for your other general cooking needs!

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Quickly and accurately measure the temperature of your textured milk and other beverages with the Rhino Digital Thermometer. This easy-to-use tool features an alarm that beeps when your desired temperature’s been reached. With a specially designed stainless steel clip, the thermometer can also sit perfectly and comfortably in any milk jug. Remove the clip to use your thermometer for other cooking requirements!

How to use: 

Insert the stem of the Rhino Digital Thermometer through both holes in the clip. Pressing the clip together allows for better and easier positioning along the thermometer stem.

Push the clip down the side of the pitcher and position it until the stem tip is sitting just above the bottom of the pitcher. Set your desired temperature for the alarm or read the display for your desired temperature level. For more information visit rhinocoffeegear.com


Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 5 × 11 × 26 cm


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