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Don Joel


This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from the 23 of February, 2021.

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La Cumbre farm is situated at the edge of the Costa Rican capital, San Jose and is processed at the micro mill ‘Don Joel’. It is owned by Allan Oviedo, a second generation grower. He has worked on the farm his whole life and has named his micro mill after his father, Don Joel.

This particular coffee is the Typica varietal, one of the most culturally and genetically important Arabica coffees in the world. Is it considered to be of higher quality throughout Central America and prized for its cup profile. It has a high susceptibility to coffee leaf rust but well-adapted to the coldest conditions.

This lot is a yellow honey, where the cherry has been pulped but dried in a low percentage of its fruit/mucilage. 100% of Allan’s coffees are dried on raised beds and helps achieve the clean profile we have come to love about his coffees.

Years working with Axil: 3

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250g, 1Kg


Whole Bean, Espresso, Stove Top, Plunger, Batch Brew, AeroPress, Pour Over

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