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This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from the 14th of September, 2021.

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Aside from its near-legendary status as the “birthplace” of Arabica coffee, there is much to love about Ethiopia as a producing nation, including the incredible diversity of flavor and character that exists among microregions.

This coffee comes from the Halo Beriti washing station located in the Gedeb region. This station serves a community of 750 smallholder producers, who deliver their coffee in cherry form. Along with coffee, farmers grow avocado, enset, soya beans, and sugar cane.

Beriti is one of the many unique, high-altitude micro regions that contributes to the bright, clean, and floral characteristics that distinguish Yirgacheffe coffees. This coffee is a fresh harvest from an array of Ethiopian heirloom varieties, as it is estimated over 10,000 unique coffee varieties grow on the Ethiopian highlands.

This particular lot is part of a “special preparation” in which hand-sorting was done repeatedly throughout the receiving and drying process, ensuring that only perfect coffees made it into the bags.

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