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Mihuti AA


This coffee will be roasted and dispatched from on the 14th of September, 2021.


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Mihutu Factory was established in 1960 and is operated by the Rugi Farmer Cooperative Society, which has a total of 4,590 active members utilizing eight central processing facilities.
The total hectares of land these farmers represent is only 579 hectares, which goes to show how small the average plot is.

The coffee is delivered in cherry form to the factory and depulped the day it’s received. It’s fermented overnight and then moved through water channels to be cleaned, soaked, and sorted by density.
It is dried on raised beds for between 7–15 days, during which time it’s constantly hand-rotated in order to maintain even dryness.

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250g, 1Kg


Whole Bean, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Stove Top, Ground for Plunger, Ground for Batch Brew, Ground for AeroPress, Ground for Pour Over

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