Seasonal Blend Coffee Pods


Tastes: Chocolate, Citrus Fruits & Toffee

Our pods are now made with recyclable aluminum. Return your used coffee pods to any Axil store!

Nespresso® compatible

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Seasonal Espresso Blend
Our seasonal blend aims to deliver a unique and balanced cup that works as both a black coffee and milk coffee.
It is a combination of the following coffees:
33% Colombia ‘Pedro Ortega’ – Washed
33% Guatemala ‘Antigua Pulcal’ – Washed
33% Brazil ‘Aguas Paulista’ – NaturalTastes: Chocolate, Citrus Fruits and ToffeeRoast Intensity: 8Our pods are now made with recyclable aluminum! You can now return our coffee pods in any Axil store via the Terracycle Roast and Return Aluminium Recycling Program. For more information, head to

Nespresso® compatible

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Weight .085 kg
Dimensions 85 × 8 × 18 cm

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10 pack, 60 pack carton


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