As you might be aware, earlier this month ASCA’s Regional Barista Champions were taking place, and Anthony Douglas was crowd Victorian Barista Champion. Now that the regionals are over, all eyes are looking to compete at a National level for the Australia Barista Champions. All competitors who entered are eligible to place in the ASCA Top 12, including Regional winners…. exciting!

The 2022 ASCA Top 12 competing at the 2022 ASCA Australian Coffee Championship Finals are as follows:

ASCA Top 12 Barista

  1. Anthony Douglas
  2. Gabriel Tan
  3. Angus Makie
  4. Isaac Kim
  5. Teguh (David) Kurniawan
  6. Ziggy Varamulia
  7. Zhuolu (Tony) Xie
  8. Tom Webb
  9. Bora Jin
  10. Jak Michael Ryan
  11. Ju Yeob Kee
  12. Jiun Loong Lee

ASCA Top 12 Barista

  1. Amy (Zhengxiao) Zhang

  2. Jae Kim
  3. June Kim
  4. Ming Wang
  5. Mimji Hyun
  6. Darcy Lillis Jones
  7. Yue (Jake) Huang
  8. Rawirit (Jibbi) Techasitthanet
  9. Gloria Yan
  10. Sangdae Hong
  11. Jinhui Lin
  12. Minjae Yoon

ASCA Top 12 Brewers Cup

  1. Hyunsuk (Harry) Ko
  2. Devin Loong
  3. Carlos Escobar
  4. Sasa Sestic
  5. Pirada (Daoz) Tungbenjaphol
  6. Archie Chiu
  7. David Train
  8. Hany Ezzat
  9. Vincent Lam
  10. Dav Bottesini

ASCA Top 13 Cup Tasters

  1. Nuno Park
  2. Karl Lee
  3. Sinwu Nam
  4. Andy Cheng
  5. Peter Geongjoo Lee
  6. Jae Kim
  7. Tay Carmin
  8. Dani Lee
  9. Ning Chi (Amber) Cheng
  10. Young Baek
  11. Frankie Shi
  12. Qiynin Lin
  13. Nicole Novak

Congratulations to Anthony Douglas who will represent Axil in the National Barista Championships and Darcy Lillis Jones who will represent Axil in the National Latte Art Championships. The 2022 ASCA Australian Coffee Championships will take place on 17 to 20 August 2022 at Meat Market in North Melbourne. See ya there!

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