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We're making the switch to plastic-free, paper-free cups!

We're making the switch to plastic-free, paper-free cups!
What the heck makes these cups so special?

Our new cups are different to other takeaway cups. We believe that we can help mother nature out, and we chose these new cups because they are plastic-free and paper-free. So what the heck makes these cups so special? Let's find out!

Who makes our new sustainable cups?

We’re proud to announce our team up with I Am Not Paperto bring you one of our greatest accomplishments yet! I Am Not Paper is committed to reducing the use of paper and plastic one cup at a time.

Agricultural Production (farming) creates a lot of by-product material that is not used. This by-product is used by I Am Not Paper, processed and turned into a guilt-free coffee cup. We're talking about the leftover wheat stems, corn stalks, all types of cane, straw, potato starches, and sustainable fast-growing plant alternatives like grass, reed, straw, and flax fibre.

Why we opted for a more sustainable change?

It's simple...'I am not paper' is the alternative to cutting down trees and we can all agree this is a good thing! So next time you're enjoying your delicious Axil coffee in a takeaway cup, you'll be drinking from a cup that's 100% compostable, safe for the environment and will decompose within 8 weeks or so... Mother Nature will thank you for it!

Breaking it down

You can simply bury the rinsed cup in the ground at home or place it in a compost bin. If you're out of space, try to find a commercial compost facility. We also have recycle bins; provided that you have washed the product thoroughly (helps reduce contamination & sorting issues). You can also dispose of the cup in an ordinary rubbish bin, which will end up in landfill. They are compostable & will naturally break down over time.

We are super proud to be using these more environmentally friendly cups and partnering with I Am Not Paper.As the world changes, grows and learns, we’ll be continuing to learn and innovate to improve all of Axil Coffee Roasters' actions and products in the efforts to make our coffee more sustainable. It's a journey, and we'd like to give I Am Not Paper aKudos for being the change makers of this space and making the world a better place!


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