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Advanced Latte Art

Our Advanced Latte Art course teaches you how to prepare milk-based coffees and create advanced free-pour latte art designs. From swans, triple rosetta, and rose patterns, enjoy creating visually appealing designs on every cup. With a maximum of four students in one class, you’ll get personalised attention and focused learning, ensuring you master the art of beautiful latte pouring. With classes based in Melbourne, our course is ideal for those who want to upskill their milk-pouring skills or those who want to transform their passion for coffee as a creative or competitive outlet. Enrol today and take your specialty coffee skills to the next level.

What is covered?

Our latte art course covers both the fundamentals and advanced techniques for preparing milk. This course is designed for those with advanced knowledge and want to develop their latte art skills to create more visually appealing coffee. It begins where our Latte Art Standards left off, exploring the techniques needed to create beautiful latte art. As you progress, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your skills, perfect the craft of coffee-making, and showcase your creative flair in every cup you serve. You’ll learn the following:

  • Distribution and Tamping
  • Coffee Extraction
  • Pulling Espresso Shots
  • Steaming Techniques
  • Temperature
  • Milk Texturing Techniques
  • Pouring Milk
  • Splitting Milk
  • Posture
  • Pouring Techniques
  • Flow rates
  • Designs
  • Understanding Milk Integration
  • Avoiding Washed out
  • Adding Definition and Contrast
Who is this course designed for?
Our Advanced Latte Art course is ideal for anyone who wants to upskill from basic patterns to the more intricate. From milk texturing to free pouring techniques, our course is an excellent platform to hone your craft further and elevate your coffee artistry.
Why do this course?
Our latte art course is the next step towards mastering the art of specialty coffee presentation. This training course will have you turning your coffees into a visual and sensory experience. With the skills you acquire here, you’ll be able to create beautiful lattes that appeal to the eyes as much as to the taste buds. If you want to build a career as a barista, this course gives you a competitive edge in the bustling coffee industry


A notebook and pen.
Wear attire that’s comfortable and easy to move around in. Don’t forget your comfortable shoes, too, as you’ll spend some time standing at the coffee machines and grinders.
It’s always good to start with basic designs. If you are new to coffee we highly recommend attending our Latte Art Basics before the Advanced Latte Art. This course will provide a comprehensive coverage of various high level patterns with expert guidance from our instructors.
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