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Farm to Cup


Are you interested in the intricate details of coffee cultivation, including growing, harvesting, and processing? Join our farm-to-cup coffee workshop to gain an insight into the important factors that shape the diverse varietals and flavour profiles found in coffee beans. This class will cover the fundamentals of coffee roasting, uncovering the intricate process that turns the green beans into the aromatic delights savoured in your cup. In addition, you’ll also get to participate in cupping sessions to refine your sensory skills and discover the nuances of coffee tasting.

What Is Covered?
Prepare to explore the different regions, growing techniques, and the remarkable process by which farmers cultivate their coffee beans. You’ll understand how these factors contribute to the unique characteristics and flavours found in each cup. You’ll also learn more about coffee roasting, and how each process extracts diverse flavour profiles for different coffee brewing purposes. During the workshop, you’ll put your newfound knowledge into practice in a cupping-tasting session. Join our workshop to refine your sensory skills, discern the subtle nuances of different coffee beans, and gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate flavours that make coffee a captivating beverage.
Who Is This Workshop Designed For?
Our farm-to-cup workshop is perfect for anyone interested in the world of coffee, regardless of previous experience. If you’re already working in the industry or aspiring to become a barista, you’ll gain a solid knowledge base about coffee, enhancing your expertise in the field. If you’re a coffee lover who simply wants to deepen your understanding of coffee production, this workshop will transport you on a sensory journey.
Why Do This Workshop?
Our farm-to-cup workshop offers a unique opportunity to delve further into the art, science, and sustainability of the coffee industry. Led by top industry professionals, you’ll receive invaluable insights into the entire journey a coffee bean undertakes, from the ground to the delightful brew in your cup. Through this workshop, you’ll learn the technical aspects of coffee brewing and enjoy a sensory experience of savouring exceptional coffees. Moreover, this workshop emphasises the significance of sustainability in the coffee industry, a core value that Axil strongly holds.


You’ll need a notebook and pen to jot down your notes. Also be prepared to indulge your coffee cravings, as you’ll be sipping on all the coffee you can enjoy throughout the class.
Opt for attire that’s comfortable and easy to move around in. Don’t forget your comfortable shoes, too, as you’ll spend some time standing at the coffee machines and grinders.
Coffee cupping (or cup tasting) is a professional tasting method used to evaluate the aroma, flavour, and quality of coffee beans. Learning this method from a professional is an invaluable experience because it provides guidance on proper cupping techniques, helps develop a discerning palate, and enhances your ability to appreciate the nuances of different coffees.
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