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On Thursday the 7th of July, Anthony Douglas from Axil Coffee Roasters was announced the 2022 Southern Region Barista Champion for the second year in a row. The competition was organised and presented by the Australia Specialty Coffee Association. Sponsors included Vitasoy and Barista Attitude. Anthony presented an espresso, a milk-based coffee and his on innovative coffee concoction to the judges. His specialty drink incorporated liquid nitrogen and a cocktail gun that dispersed flavoured smoke onto the coffee beverage.

“Looking back and remembering my first year, I was very excited about the competition side of coffee - I found it such a fascinating concept. This year, I really wanted to bring back that fascination with coffee andits ability to create a sensory experience that brings a genuine connection between the barista and the coffeedrinker and ultimately an exceptional experience worth remembering.” - Anthony Douglas

Next up, Anthony will have his eye on the National Barista Championship which will be held at Meat Market, North Melbourne on the 17th-20th of August 2022. The winner of the National Barista Champion will then take the stage andcompete at the World Barista Champion held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre as part of theMelbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) on the 27th-30th of September.



Darcy Jones from our Melbourne University cafe was awarded 3rd place in the Latte Art Competition. Darcy presentedseahorses, a bird design and an octopus to the judges which were all made using frothed milk. He revealedthat octopus' are his favourite animal, which was made evident from the amazing octopus tattoo on his arm.

Takuya competed in the Brewers Cup Competition where he presented his favourite coffee to the judges.He took the judges on a journey through his childhood and when he tasted a cup of coffee for the first time.


Darcy and Taku are still eligible for nationals as their final scores may make the top 12 in Australia. Stay tuned for updates!

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